Words as auditory objects and visual objects

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An introduction to auditory objects, events, figures, images and scenes

A particularly important class of auditory objects are the sounds which produce the acoustic events that we refer to as words. Nouns and verbs which are arguably the most important words are labels for objects and actions, rather than the objects or actions themselves. It is often useful to distinguish the class of auditory objects referred to as words from the objects that they refer to.

IV [ EV {FVn(OA)}] |<=Vis | sl [ {pen (o)}]

IA [ EA {FAn(OA)}] |<=Aud| ss [ ea {cen (s)}]

ImageA [ EventA {FigureAn (ObjectA) } ] |<=Aud| environments [ eventa {cyclean (source)]

The energy source: reflected light; emitted sound
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